Sad Eyes that won’t Cry…

I’m filled to the brim!

So much emotion in strength.

It hides what my eyes cannot.

The aches in my heart, a beat that threatens to stop.

Yet these eyes wont defy the strength in my pride.

You mistake my love for nagging, my concern for control. 

You tell me I don’t understand and cannot accept what isn’t done my way.

I feel sadness radiate through and through. 

Because what you don’t understand is. 

My strength couldn’t stop these sad eyes from crying if anything harmful ever happened to you.

The emotions would deflate and I could no longer stand up straight , if I didnt try to atleast tell you.

You see your strength is insurmountable until it isn’t…

Your tough eyes can’t hide the soft heart hiding beyond your egos thin veil…

I never wanted to control as much as protect, never wanted you to feel unsupported but wanted you to see the whole picture

in wisdom, so those beautiful eyes would never know a day in which they wept.

soft words.. you don’t hear, so I say them louder. My life is a perfect example of why I need you to hold on to your power.

Love is mereley a word in which I try to express my feelings for you. 

But little sister.. It’s simple as this

These sad eyes that appear never to cry… would never run dry if I was ever to see the sparkle leave your eyes.

For I know not enough strength..Image


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