When was the last time you cried for our fallen men? When was the last time you empathized with the lonely stranger on your street corner? Have you ever cried for a desperate circumstance that was not your own?

I guess what i’m asking is where have our tears gone? 

         I’m so afraid for those who do not cry. I’m afraid that the day a single tear drop makes its way down the winding road of cheek, an implosion so strong will burst the hearts of our nation and no one will be left standing. Dramatic eh? I think not, we are so void of emotion in this world today. Men don’t cry because they think it will make them weak and women the same. It makes me wonder what weakness really is. From the woman who’s had to stand tall her whole life long in fear of losing to the man who’s always tried to control her. To the man who was told crying is for women, and though he hurts deeper than most, sadness isn’t an option so anger and hostility become his best friends.

     Dear woman you don’t have to stand so tall, for everyone in order to walk first had to fall. There’s no shame in being a vulnerable, self serving woman who doesn’t take crap. There just comes a day when everyone needs release. You walk around so pent up with emotion no one really knows you. In your quiet time as well as with others you get the feeling something isn’t quite right, every other word is negative and compliments have a bitter ring. Brick walls built around your heart so thick trapping the oceans that pound.  Let the bricks fall and the tears of all past hurts was you anew. Release and set your self free

      Brother, my brother they told you wrong. Feeling is your natural state. Emotions your spirits secret language. Shhh can you hear him speak. Strength has to be built and nothing is built overnight, everything in its own time. A man feels for life, his family, his woman, and his land. Your tears of sadness, anger, joy, laughter feed this land you walk on. You give it life. Weep dear friend for you deserve the cleansing of mind body and spirit. Weak is not your name, punk is not your name. You are man through and through, whole, never again captive to the demands of him/them who couldn’t it right. Cry tonight and tomorrow smile. You live, so you feel, you feel so you are…

   What use are emotions if not to be expressed. Void of emotions and lives a mess. If only we could release our people, if only we could get it out, I think we would see it’s much easier to move forward. Cleansed and whole looking towards the sky .

If only you’d just cry



Sad Eyes that won’t Cry…

I’m filled to the brim!

So much emotion in strength.

It hides what my eyes cannot.

The aches in my heart, a beat that threatens to stop.

Yet these eyes wont defy the strength in my pride.

You mistake my love for nagging, my concern for control. 

You tell me I don’t understand and cannot accept what isn’t done my way.

I feel sadness radiate through and through. 

Because what you don’t understand is. 

My strength couldn’t stop these sad eyes from crying if anything harmful ever happened to you.

The emotions would deflate and I could no longer stand up straight , if I didnt try to atleast tell you.

You see your strength is insurmountable until it isn’t…

Your tough eyes can’t hide the soft heart hiding beyond your egos thin veil…

I never wanted to control as much as protect, never wanted you to feel unsupported but wanted you to see the whole picture

in wisdom, so those beautiful eyes would never know a day in which they wept.

soft words.. you don’t hear, so I say them louder. My life is a perfect example of why I need you to hold on to your power.

Love is mereley a word in which I try to express my feelings for you. 

But little sister.. It’s simple as this

These sad eyes that appear never to cry… would never run dry if I was ever to see the sparkle leave your eyes.

For I know not enough strength..Image

Thirsting for a little common courtesy?

After being raised in a house where manners were a MUST, I find my self lost in a world of ‘NoBody Gives A Shyt’. I mean really, Nobody gives one flying f*** about the person bending over backwards for them. 

At 24, I like to think of myself as a giver, a helping hand to anyone in need and a growing monarch in my family. A position I gladly took on with the mind set “Our lives and talents are not our own, they are to be used in the uplifting of our fellow man”…. WELL CALL ME CRAZY. What I didn’t realize was that  most people don’t actually appreciate the help, in fact many don’t consider your out pouring of love, kind words, or free spare bed room for as long as they need  a helping hand at all and its simply because …. (drum roll please) THEY FEEL ENTITLED!!!! I mean after all, it is your job to help them, no no no no you don’t get paid but wtf else are you doing right?

Sigh… I know this sounds like I’m complaining and it makes you wonder, is my giving really all that sincere??? I’ve thought the same, and the truth is, yes it is. I, from the bottom of my heart  enjoy uplifting others and seeing them on their way in a better state. It’s in my blood, my father had us as children walking around the neighborhood giving dinners to those families that were less fortunate. My mother opened her doors to any and everyone that needed a place to rest. I fed the homeless every year with my church until I started my own non profit doing the same at 21. I Really do care!!! But with all that I can’t lie, it really sucks that most the recipients don’t care. And yea I guess I do want something in return, a little common courtesy. A simple “do you need anything?” “Can I help you with that?” and maybe even a little love. Because what  people forget is, most of the people giving, give because they’ve spent many days with nothing and no one and because of that, want to make a way for someone else to never have to feel the same… Ijs